European Software Conference 2011: Speech About the Intel AppUp Developer Program

This weekend the yearly European Software Conference (ESWC) took place in London (Great Britain). I gave a speech there about the “Intel AppUp Developer Program: the New App Store for Netbooks and Tablets” explaining the opportunities for developers when they submit … Continue reading

MobileMonday: Speech About “Getting Your Windows and MeeGo Apps Into AppUp”

Today there was a MobileMonday Developer Day (M2D2) in Munich (München, Germany) with the Intel AppUp Application Lab: MeeGo Series extended, organized and hosted by MobileMonday and Intel in cooperation with about 100 attendees. The speakers spoke about details of … Continue reading

European Software Conference 2010 in Vienna

This weekend I was attending to the European Software Conference (ESWC) in Vienna (Austria). The purpose of this conference is to provide an easy way for sharing information between software developers and companies as well as organizations who provide products and services to software developers. Especially the … Continue reading