Intel AppUp: New App Store for Netbooks and Tablets

What’s Intel AppUp?

Intel AppUp

Intel AppUp is an app store for netbooks and tablets. The user can directly download, install and – in case of paid apps – buy products from the AppUp app store.

But why Intel thinks it will be successful with yet another app store?

Of course, there won’t be many people that download the AppUp client software that is necessary to use the app store from the AppUp webpage. But in cooperation with Intel’s hardware partners the AppUp client will get pre-installed on many netbook and tablet devices. That’s the way Intel will spread this client to as many users as possible.

But why that’s interesting for me as a developer?

I’m always searching for a new distribution channel for my products and as it’s very easy to get an app into the AppUp store, I’ll just try that. ;-)

More about that and the validation process in another post.

This post is also available in Deutsch.

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