Flags Widget as Easy to Use WordPress Plug-In

Some minutes ago I’ve released my second WordPress plug-in: A simple plug-in that displays flag icons that link to other language versions of your blog.

This plug-in combines my widget for displaying language selection flags in menu and footer with many additional options and settings in one clean WordPress plug-in.

The installation and configuration is very easy. Just have a look und let me know your thoughts!

This post is also available in Deutsch.

31 thoughts on “Flags Widget as Easy to Use WordPress Plug-In

  1. Hi Andreas,

    your plugin but got an unexpected problem. After activating, while pressing on configure the plug in, I got the following message: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”
    Is it anything could be done?
    Thank you in advance,

    • Hello Rami,

      thanks for your comment!

      Somebody else told me about the same issue already, but I could not reproduce it myself here.

      The other guy wrote me that for him the problem was solved after he went to the plug-in option page and saved these options without changes.

      Does this work for you, too?

      Best regards

    • Hello Rami again,

      in the meantime I found the core of this issue:
      it is fixed in version 1.0.1 of this plug-in now.

      Best regards and thanks again for posting

  2. The widget does not behave like a normal widget in a blog column, its position does not stay relative to its placing order in a column.
    there should be an option for an absolute position with parameters like now or
    a relative position within a column like ordinary widgets

    Great plugin could be perfect in V2

    • Hello Manuel,

      you can use offset settings of the widget to move it around after you put the widget at the top of the right sidebar. Normally that’s enough to move it to the desired position in the menu bar.

      Best regards

  3. Thanks for this widget. How does it directly link to the “right” post in another language? couldn’t find any configuration for it

    • Hello Johanne,

      why you think it does that?

      It does not link directly to the translated post, but only to the other language version of the blog itself.

      It is also written this way in the plug-in description and on the plug-in configuration page of this website.

      Best regards

  4. Hello, I install Flags Widget in my webpage, I want to know if is possible to change the size of flags. I think there are small. Thanks!

    • Hello Jetzabel,

      yes, that’s no problem:
      just use your own flag images (you can set the image URLs in the flags widget itself). Then you can use any flag size you want.

      Best regards

  5. Hi
    I’m trying to use your flag widget in an Easel theme.
    But I just can’t make it work. Nothing appears in the header or menu or wherever I try to put it. What might be the problem?

    Best Regards

    • Hello Perre,

      so, but without testing it myself I don’t have an idea about it. It may be a problem based on the theme you’re using.

      If you want me to test it on your WordPress installation, please send me your wp-admin login via e-mail.

      Best regards

  6. Hello,

    Im trying to get the widget to display on the twenty eleven theme, but for some reason, although i have followed the print screens and instructions they still wont display on the website.

    could you please tell me where i have gone wrong.


    • Hello Iwan,

      sorry, but without additional info what exactly the problem is, I just can’t help, too.

      If you want me to look at it personally, please send me your login data to your “wp-admin” area of your blog via e-mail.

      Best regards

  7. Hi, Andreas:
    I’m trying to activate your plugin, I have already instalated it, I have chosen the flags, but I cannot find the ‘Options’ of widget window where I’m supposed to set the position of the flags, and other values. How can I reach it? Vielen Dank!

        • Hello Patricia,

          did you add the flags widget to your site already after installing the plug-in?

          Best regards

          • That’s what I ask….how do you add the flags?????
            If I know how to add the flags, I could have added the flags already and would’nt I have to ask you how I add the flags…. But since I don’t know how to add the flags, I can’t already add the flags…. That’s why I ask you how to add the flags? Clear?????

            • Hello Patricia,

              you impertinent way of writing is not a very good idea if you want to get some support for a free plug-in!

              If you need to add a widget, maybe it would be good to do that in the “Widgets” section of the WordPress admin area (“Appearance” => “Widgets”)?

              Therefore I asked if you added the flags widget already – it’s just a widget as all other widgets in the WordPress blog system, too.

              Best regards

              • Hi Andrew, Yes I know and maybe you’re right. But if you see two people asking te same thing about the flags. Why do you ask twice if we place the flags already at the sites?
                And free or not, if it don’t work it don’t work. And I’m not the only one with problems with this plugin as you can see.
                So you could also give this answer in the first place…… Because I didn’t know about a flag widget. Now you mentioned I see the flag widget at the widgets.
                Oké, maybe I was overreacting a little. But its getting on my nerfs when things called simple and are not. And not work the way they supose to work……
                Thanks for giving me the answer anyway after my not so nice email… :p
                Hope it works, because I still like the idea of this plugin…..

  8. Hi
    I have installed the flags plugin and activated it and added the flags also..
    Now i want the flags to display on the top rightmost corner of the page…
    can you please say how to set the flags posiiton t the right most top corner
    thank u..

    • Hello Kanuli,

      in the flags widget options you can change the position offset of the flags. Just play around with that till the flags are at the correct position. I cannot help with that as it will be a different value for every possible theme.

      Best regards

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