FAQ on Code Signing Certificates and Digital Signature

In the following I will answer some frequently asked questions about code signing certificates and digital signature.

How long is a code signing certificate valid?

Normally one year, but you may be able to order code signing certificates that lasts up to 5 years.

Is it necessary to resign apps or files after the code signing certificate has expired?

No, because together with your digital signature a timestamp is included and therefore the signature of a signed app or file never expires – even if your certificate itself expired already.

Do I have to resubmit an app to Intel AppUp after the code signing certificate expired?

As the signature of the app itself does not expire (see above), this is not necessary. Only if you want to release an update, you have to sign the app again and resubmit it afterwards.

How many apps or files can I sign with one code signing certificate?

There is no limit: you can sign any number of apps or files with just one code signing certificate.

What documents are needed to obtain a code signing certificate?

Depending on whether you request the code signing certificate as an individual person or a company, you may need an articles of incorporation or a business license. You should also be prepared that you may be asked for a copy of your phone bill. Then somebody will call you at the phone number stated on this bill to verify it is valid.

How to obtain a certificate and how to sign files?

Do you have more questions?
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